Instrumentally Sound.



A big thank you to Dave Oz for including me in his show this Sunday (Sept. 30)...He's got a great lineup of artists as always, and Im so honored to be among them......

Ill be listening Dave!



The Feelings Words Can’t Express

My medium is Instrumental Music.  Why? Because Melody and Rhythm are THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE - the one we all understand, regardless of where we reside in the world or the tongue we speak, which connects us heart-to-heart in a place deeper than words can reach.

I’m an instrumentalist tirelessly working to perfect my craft.  I’m a composer who’s written 23 number one records for artists around the world, ranging from Jennifer Lopez and George Benson in America to Steps in the UK to RBD in the Latin world to Clouseau and Soulsister in Europe.  But, what’s most important now is that I’m bringing everything I’ve learned together to give to you…

From My heart to Yours...The Feelings Words Can’t Express