My medium is Instrumental Music. Why? Because Melody and Rhythm are THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE - the one we all understand, regardless of where we reside in the world or the tongue we speak, which connects us heart-to-heart in a place deeper than words can reach.

I’m an instrumentalist tirelessly working to perfect my craft.  I’m a composer who’s written 23 number one records for artists around the world, ranging from Jennifer Lopez and George Benson in America to Steps in the UK to RBD in the Latin world to Clouseau and Soulsister in Europe.  But, what’s most important now is that I’m bringing everything I’ve learned together to give to you…

From my heart to yours … The Feelings that Words Can’t Express.


About Michael

Michael Garvin has made his career as a world class songwriter who has created musical hits world wide for artists from many different genres...

        Michael Garvin is a world class songwriter, guitarist and trumpeter, hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana. Garvin’s first success came as a songwriter, and is widely known penning the global Number One hit, “Waiting for Tonight” recorded by Jennifer Lopez, and the worldwide, multi-platinum “Never Give Up on a Good Thing” for George Benson.

        At 18, Michael moved to Nashville, TN, and lived his first year there as a ‘starving artist’ with his wife, Liv, before landing his first songwriting deal with Blake Melvis at ABC Dunhill.  Michael credits Blake with not only being the first to see his potential as a songwriter, but also as a lead guitarist. At the age of 19, he wrote his first Top 5 record there, “If the World Ran Out of Love Tonight”, recorded by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius, also recorded by England Dan and John Ford Coley to become a Top 40 U S Pop Hit. You might think it was easy sailing from there on out.  “Absolutely not,” Michael laughs,”It’s been a roller coaster ride, but looking back, I’ve enjoyed every moment of the struggle, it’s made me who I am”.

        Another defining  moment for the arc of Michael’s career, was landing a UK publishing deal with Torquil Creevy and Miles Copeland, who’s work with Sting and The Police, opened doors to Europe and the rest of the world to him. Ever since then, the world has been Michael’s territory.

        Working in multiple countries and genres, Garvin’s MO is to bring elements from one music style to another, always keeping what he delivers fresh and exciting.  Its earned him a total of 33 top ten hits so far, of which 23 hit Number One on the charts.

        Garvin now brings the same hit making skills and passion that make him a star songwriter to being an instrumental recording artist, bringing all his skills together, as a composer, a player, and a producer.  He has already released five singles with significant chart activity in Smooth Jazz and Groove Jazz, including “Vibe Taxi” and his holiday special, “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. His latest release, “Just in Time”, is available now.


“I never know what to expect from Michael,
except that it’s gonna sound like a hit!”

Steve Shippee
CEO of ShipWright Productions

“Waiting for Tonight”

Michael’s instrumental spin on the worldwide #1 he wrote for Jennifer Lopez, was Billboards 2nd most added records in it's first week, the most added record in Groove Jazz and was playlisted in heavy rotation on Comcast Music Choice


Michael’s 2nd single was top 10 on 94.7 The Wave - KTWV - FM 94.7 - Los Angeles, CA and also playlisted  in heavy rotation on Comcast Music Choice

“Call Me Mike”

Michael’s 3rd single went to #12 on the Groove Jazz Chart in the United States, and was #1 in Taiwan , attaining the most paid downloads in that region of any record in any genre, and is currently playlisted on the Comcast Music Choice

“Vibe Taxi”

Michael’s 4th single…achieved heavy rotation on Comcast Music Choice, where it is still playlisted. It was top 20 for multiple weeks on the Groove Jazz Chart, and literally the #1 record on The Oasis.

“Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Michael’s instrumental rendition of the classic tune enlivens the original melody to a toe-tapping holiday hit that you just want to enjoy all season long.

“Just In Time”

Michael’s latest release, which is already rising on the Billboard charts, will engage the listener with its melodic cacophony. Co-written by Multi-platinum songwriter Mark Smith from Hamburg, Germany, it’s yet another example of how Michael’s chart-topping, songwriting prowess has migrated into the instrumental world.